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also emphasized that the store pays employees well. The average wage is in excess michael kors handbags of $17 an hour. Contributions to health plans come to less than 10 percent. In all, the store has 125,000 employees. But where do they michael kors handbags get those strange deals, like heavily discounted plasma TVs from Thailand or every season of Little House on the Prairie in multi box DVD sets? "It’s the art form," said Sinegal. Who cares about discount michael kors their hot dogs? Why should consumers have to pay to shop in a warehouse? Where does the minimum of $2.35 billion annually in membership fees go? Is that how they can pay an average of $17 per hour? It doesn’t go to the decor or shopping experience. Just think how it would be if all stores charged dues like Costco. Would you like that? The practice is contemptible. Costco treats customers like criminals and people can’t get enough. The "Gestapo" checkpoint as you leave is ludicrous. "Show cheap michael kors me your papers!" Again, what if all stores searched your cart upon leaving, would you go back
then, if violent video games somehow translated into more deadly gun related behavior you would expect the United States which has far and away cheap Michael Kors handbags the highest levels of gun related murders per capita to be the biggest spender on such games. But this is not michael kors outlet the case. spending per capita is ahead of only China. The Netherlands and South Korea spend Michael Kors handbags cheap more than twice as much per capita on video games, yet gun murder rates in these two countries are far, far lower than those in the United States. Japan, which has some of the most graphically violent games and animation in the world, has violent crime rates that are a fraction Michael Kors handbags cheap of those in the United States. Yes, the relationship between popular culture and cheap Michael Kors handbags violence is complicated. And cheap michael kors yes, we can quibble with the way different countries report crimes. and those in its peers. As with almost everything relating to this conversation on gun violence, it is extremely helpful to start with facts. I feel that it isn the game fault. I been exposed to some very, VERY violent, bloody,
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